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Aircraft Manager

Position: Aircraft Manager

Location: Southern England


Our client a a UK based private jet operator is recruiting for an Aircraft Manager

The role:

Primary duties would include but are not limited to:

•    Be primary contact for allocated Clients and aircraft.
•    Liaise with Client directly or appointed representative forward flight schedules, passenger experience and overall travel experience.
•    Work in conjunction with the operations controllers for flight set up, crew allocation and scheduling, schedule risks and suggested solutions to feed back to client.
•    Work in conjunction with CAMO team to understand forward maintenance requirements through forecasting of maintenance and associated cost estimates.
•    Oversight of client accounts, operating deposit and company cost exposure.
•    Work with the finance team on post flight cost analysis and monthly invoicing process.
•    Work with the flight ops team to forecast crew training requirements alongside potential for additional crew requirements
•    Ensure all crew members allocated to specific owners are managed in accordance with owners’ expectations.
•    Identify cost efficiencies.
•    Align Jet/Heli movement for those owners holding both for interlining.
•    Remain flexible to clients working hours.
•    Understanding of company Flight Time limitations scheme for commercial air transport.
•    Identify commercial opportunities for empty leg sectors in liaison with Sales department.
•    Establish relationships to understand maintenance inputs, cost proposals and timelines.
•    Report to CEO/CFO any client concerns that may need escalation.


Who you are:

  • Experience in Corporate Aviation.

  • Background in Customer relations and delivery.

  • Understanding of Budgets and financial forecasting

  • Ability to effectively communicate in a timely manner

If this sounds like your career step, please apply via the link below, or contact Christian Poulsen directly:

+44 (0) 1344 291 174


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