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Rotary Support Controller

Position: Rotary Support Controller

Location: Southern England

The role:

Responsible for the safe and efficient scheduling of Rotary Operations to ensure that customer requirements, utilisation, punctuality, and maintenance needs are met.


  • Assist the Owner in efficient scheduling of the Aircraft with any interlining requirements.

  • Provide all planning services required for the Aircraft operations ensuring all HLS sites are approved through the Helicopter directory.

  • Efficient scheduling of crew to duty time requirements and limitations.

  • Arrange all landing permits, approvals, and Airspace requirements.

  • Ensure the aircraft is cleaned, stocked, checked and in correct parking location prior to customer arrival.

  • Coordinate with CAM all operating schedules and projected hours against maintenance requirements.

  • Ensure the Aircraft is properly and safely parked or hangared in a secure area when not in use and that all applicable storage requirements are satisfied when away from Oxford.

  • Audit and check HLS directory is upto date.

  • Liaison with dispatchers for landing site surveys and lighting requirements.

  • Liaison with dispatchers for Helicopter representation for arrivals and departures.

  • Collation of all Return Flight Documentation and input into LEON for company reporting.

  • Escalate any technical comments annotated on the SRP for CAMO input against future schedule impact.

  • Coordinate with Sales department on aircraft availability for commercial air transport opportunities, empty legs, including out of base availability.

  • Communicate Freelancer brief to any adhoc crew performing services prior to day of operation, ensuring they are met and escorted to the aircraft.

If this sounds like your career step, please apply via the link below, or contact Christian Poulsen directly:

+44 (0) 1344 291 174


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